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reefer n : marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking [syn: joint, marijuana cigarette, stick, spliff]

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  1. One who reefs; a name often given to midshipmen.
  2. A close-fitting jacket or short coat of thick cloth.
  3. A marijuana cigarette.
  4. A refrigerated, insulated trailer or shipping container.
  5. A person who smokes marijuana.


*1922 : Her reefer cap was all on one side and on her cheek there was the print of an anchor button she had pressed on while sleeping. - Katherine Mansfield, Prelude (Selected Stories, Oxford World's Classics paperback 2002, 85)


marijuana cigarette

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  • Reefer, a slang term for marijuana
  • Reefing jacket (or reefer), a type of warm jacket designed for use by midshipmen reefing sails
  • Reefer, a midshipman engaged in sail reefing
  • Reefer, an aquarium hobbyist term for one who maintains and cultivates corals, sea anemones, and other invertebrates associated with coral reefs

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DET, DMT, Frigidaire, LSD, Mary Jane, Pullman, Pullman car, STP, THC, acid, antidepressant, ataractic, baggage car, boxcar, caboose, car, carriage, chair car, coach, coal car, covered waggon, day coach, diethyltryptamine, dimethyltryptamine, diner, dinghy, dining car, drawing room, electric refrigerator, electronic refrigerator, flat, flatcar, freezer ship, fridge, gage, ganja, gondola, grass, hallucinogen, hash, hashish, hay, hemp, ice chest, icebox, joint, kava, local, luggage van, mail car, mail van, marijuana, mescal, mescal bean, mescal button, mescaline, mind-altering drug, mind-blowing drug, mind-expanding drug, morning glory seeds, palace car, parlor car, passenger car, peyote, pot, psilocin, psilocybin, psychedelic, psychic energizer, psychoactive drug, psychochemical, psychotomimetic, railway car, refrigerator, refrigerator car, refrigerator truck, refrigeratory, roach, roomette, sleeper, smoker, smoking car, stick, stockcar, tank, tea, tender, tranquilizer, truck, van, waggon, weed
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